Special events


By popular demand, Henson puppeteer and Disney sculptor, Terri Hardin is back at Eklund’s Crazy acres for one weekend only, teaching her special pumpkin carving techniques. Her style is easy for anyone to do and uses no knives.  Terri enjoys showing people that think they have no artistic talent that, with this technique, even they can have elaborate pumpkins.

Make a day of it! Carve a pumpkin, play in the maze, take a wagon ride and chat with Terri about her experience working on Ghostbusters!

Class times: Friday Oct. (??) at 8:30 pm; Saturday Oct (??) and Sunday Oct (??) at 1:00 pm. Rain or Shine. The class lasts 1 1/2 – 2 hours.

Class cost: $10.00 per person, per class.  Pumpkin & tool use included.

Ages: 6 years old and up. For kids younger than 12, we request a guardian be present.


Check back a little closer to our opening dates to see if the weather lets us have another set of giant pumpkins this year.

(LAST YEAR) Our 750 pound set of pumpkins will be on display for pictures! 

By Thursday; they, as well as your family will be able to smile for your photos all weekend long! So, bring your camera and create an autumn family portrait for free, or let us take the picture and email it to you for $5.00.

Since Terri is carving these for us, and willing to pose for pictures with you if you wish at no charge, she (and we) ask for as many of you as possible, please share the photos you take with Eklund’s Crazy Acres and Terri Hardin on Facebook as a thank you to her.